Judo is...

  • PA tremendous and dynamic sport that demands both physical prowess and great mental discipline.
  • PA sport with local, national and international competition.
  • PA Martial Art that teaches discipline, self-respect and confidence.
  • PA physical activity that involves psycho-motor development of the total person.
  • PA method of self-protection.

Goals of Judo

  • P"Ji Ta Kyo Ei" - Mutual Welfare, Benefit and Prosperity
  • P"Sei Ryoku Zen Yo" - Maximum and most efficient use of one's mental energies.
  • PJudo provides an emphasis on discipline and a tradition that lets you learn from your opponents, and ultimately learn about yourself.
  • PDevelopment of yourself as a person.
  • PDevelop your character by learning values, morals and ethics.
  • PJudo encourages a balance of skill, physical ability and mental strength.

Benefits of Judo

  • PJudo students,"Judoka", enjoy vigorous physical activity and exercise, thereby fostering good health along with a good mental and physical condition.
  • PLearning discipline and hard work.
  • PLearning social manners, rules and etiquette.
  • PRespect for yourself and others.
  • PFair play and honesty
  • PModesty and frugality.
  • PPatience and understanding.
  • PSelf-confidence.

Not everyone can become a champion in a competition. In Judo, however, everyone can become a champion in a different sense – in the sense that they develop themselves and their relations with others to the fullest extent. These goals of inner development of one’s character are much more important than all other materialistic goals.

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