Who We Are

Mission & Purpose


The mission of The American Academy of Martial Arts is to enrich the lives of the youth of the Toledo area by teaching them life skills such as hard work, self-esteem, and discipline by educating them in the Martial Arts of Akido, Ju Jitsu and the Olympic sport of Judo.  Through the martial arts important values such as honor, loyalty, and  respect are emphasized.  Our goal is to foster appreciation and promote participation in the martial arts in order to keep our youth positively engaged while avoiding drugs, gangs, and other illegal activities.  It is the aspiration of The American Academy of Martial Arts to provide the necessary tools to the youth we serve to help build the solid foundation needed to become productive members of society.

Our Purpose

  • Promote the Martial Arts to the youth of Toledo and surrounding areas.
  • Give special attention to the disadvantaged and underprivileged youths from the local area.
  • The program shall be administered by volunteers.
  • The program shall be conducted year round to keep at risk youth off the streets.
  • Teach self-confidence and self-discipline which will remain with them throughout their lives